Miguel Finnegra

Disillusioned former Lone Star officer, now a Knight Errant Detective


A long-time law enforcement officer, he believes in justice, and ensuring that the weak are not preyed on by the strong. With almost three decades of service under his belt, he’s aware of the limitations of working inside of the system, and has felt the sting of letting a criminal slip away because of corporate regulations once too often for his liking.

His passion for his job appears to have long since dimmed, but not for what he believes in. He has cultivated a number of contacts among Shadowrunners, and has been responsible for a couple of jobs thrown John’s way in the past. His unwillingness to let the marginalised slip through resonate with John’s bizarre code, and they have a very strong working relationship.

Most recently he set up the job between the Runners and “Donnie” Hua investigating the attacks out in the Concrete Barrens.

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Miguel Finnegra

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